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About me

Hey there, my name is Maik de Kruif, I create websites, bots and other kinds of software. At the moment, I'm still studying computer science at Avans University of Applied Sciences. I am also a big fan of open-source software, which is why you'll find many of my projects on Github. And last but not least, I love playing around with cyber-security related stuff.


WatchTogether is a way to watch YouTube videos together with others. Originally designed for watching Meme Review episodes with friends, WatchTogether can also be used to watch any YouTube video. Github


A bot for the popular chat platform Discord. With this bot you can moderate your server, play music, get statistics for your favorite games and have fun with some other little perks. Github: click here.

Toy Neural Network

This is a very basic Python Neural Network library based on the one built by Daniel Shiffman in this playlist but translated and improved in Python Check it out on Github!


Using InvoiceGenerator you can easily fill in word templates with the correct prices and comments. This project was commissioned by Pennings akoestisch afbouwen and made together with Jesper van Daatselaar. Source: Github.


In my spare time i'm often busy playing CTFs. This is a game mode in which several attackers (hackers) must steal a flag, saved on an (purposefully) insecure server and submit is to the organizer. More info.

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