It’s December again!🎉

That doesn’t only mean it’ll be my birthday soon 🎂, but I’ll also participate in some advent challenges again.

Last year I participated in The Advent of CTF, but this year I feel like doing some coding challenges. I have heard many people talk about Advent of Code, but have never actually done the challenges. So this year, I’ll be busy with Advent of Code.


I’ll most likely be solving the problems in Python. This is my preferred language for most thing algoritms. I have thought about using other languages, but due to my internship I won’t have much time to solve the problems and thus don’t want to spend time looking up the language features.

After solving the challenges and waiting for a bit for others to solve them, I’ll post my solutions on my GitHub repo for it


If you feel like you you can beat me in solving the problems, feel free to join my private leaderboard using the following code: 1337061-861df0da.

You’ll have plenty of time as I won’t be setting an alarm at 6 A.M. my time to solve them 😴.

Happy coding to all of you that are participating!💻